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The Vision for Nagda was formulated by the stakeholders through the consensus approach and consultation with the community on strengths, current issues, concerns, problems and desirable future focus areas.


“Development of Nagda into a regional industrial center coupled with safe, economic and sustainable living & improved quality of life”

The vision for the development of the town, have been perceived around the following objectivies:\

In order to achieve the vision formulated, it is important to fix up the “milestones” and “targets” that when cities define outcomes and milestones. It should be ensured that both the mile stone & targets are measurable and have a time frame to adhere to. The major outcomes of the formulated vision include:

  • Universal access to a minimum level of services\
  • Establishment of city-wide framework for planning and governance
  • Modern and transparent budgeting, accounting, and financial management system at municipal levels
  • Financial sustainability for municipalities and other service delivery institutions
  • Introduction of e-governance in the core functions of municipal governments
  • Transparency and accountability in urban service delivery and management
  • Introducing smart infrastructure features