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This town is located at a distance of 235 kms from Bhopal, the State capital of Madhya Pradesh. Other major towns in the vicinity of Nagda are Ujjain, Dewas and Indore. Kachrod and Badnawar are small towns lying in close proximity to Nagda. The town is placed at about 600km to the south of Jaipur and about 550km to the east of Ahmedabad. River Chambal forms the western boundary and a branch channel forms the northern boundary for Nagda

It is well connected by road and railway network with other cities like Indore and Kachrod. The Major District Road between Unhel and Barauda passes through this town.


Road ways Nagda is well connected by roads with neighbouring towns such as Kachrod, Ratlam, Unhel and Ujjain. Some of these roads need to be serviced as they have deteriorated due to plying of heavy vehicles.
Railways Nagda is an important junction on the Delhi-Mumbai rail corridor and a significant number of trains pass through this town. The Ratlam-Kota railway route, which is a 2-line electrified network, also passes through Nagda city.
Airways Nagda has a private Airport which is being used exclusively by the Birla Group. Nearest public airport is in Indore, which is about 70km from Nagda