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The name of the ton seems to be adopted from sanskrit word nagadaha which means cremation/burning (dah) of nagas. The ancient city was developed by king Janmejayu . Janme jaya was a Hindu King of Pandaval Dynasty Nagda has also been mentioned in the literature of Kalidasa. There is puranic mythological legend heard about nagaraja takshaka and Dhanavantari in this part of Maiwa region in Madhya Pradesh. Emperor Janmcjaya ascended to the
throne of Hastinapura upon the death o! his Iìther Parikshta.

According to legend. Parikshita. the lone descendant of the I louse of Pandu. had died of snakehite. lie had been cursed by a sage to die so. the curse having been consummated by the naga -chief likshak. Janamejaya bore a deep grudge against the serpents for this act, and thus decided 10 wipe them out altogether. Ile attempted this by perlirming a great Sarpa satra – a sacritice at Nagda that would destroy all living serpents. All the nagas had been destroyed in this nagayagya except htkshak, who is believed to have obtained boon from Lord Vishnu. Local tradition goes that Takshaka resides at Takhaji in Mandsaur district.