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GROWTH AREA:  Nagda Nagar Palika is divided into 36 wards and is the major town in the neighborhood.
Developments along the Major District Road and bus stand are dense. Subsequent to this concentration, several colonies on the peripheries of the Nagar Palika especially on the north and southeast directions. The neighbouring villages are mostly agrarian in nature and depend on Nagda for selling off their produce.

CONSTRAINTS: The Chambal River flowing on the western boundary of the town limits further growth in that direction. Two main Nallahs running within the town also curtails growth in the northern direction to some extent. The Nagar Palika has fewer amounts of lands within its boundary that are available for development. Lack of adequate transport infrastructure, due to the poor shape of roads considerably hampers commuter movement between the neighbouring towns. Daily commuters prefer the rail transport wherever possible. Slum pockets in several wards choke the carrying capacity of the existing infrastructure to a large extent.