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Geographically, Nagda is located between latitudes 2326’N and 2327’N and longitudes 7523′ and 7527’E. The town’s elevation is 497M with respect to the Mean Sea Level. The town is generally flat with gentle slope towards the Chambal River, running along the eastern side of the town. Chambal river acts as major primary drain of the town.

The region mainly has Black Cotton Soil (Chromic Vertisols). These lands have fairly good, but limited agricultural potentialities. Land preparation is difficult, dry soils are hard and wet soils are sticky. The moisture condition of the surface layer is only during a short period favourable to prepare land. Another difficulty is that the permeability of the subsoil is very low. Very often these soils are flooded or have stagnant water during the rainy season. The soil has high water retention, but relatively a small amount of water is available for plant growth. Rooting depth might be restricted because of the swelling and shrinking properties of the soil.


In general the summers are quite hot and winters are pleasantly cool. During the summer season, temperatures vary between 30 – 42C. Temperature during winters range from 15 to 27C. During the summer, humidity is less than 20%. The average rainfall received in the town is 1010 mm.

The region comes under semi-arid tropical climate with four distinct seasons South west monsoon (SWM) June – Sep. North East monsoon (NEM) Oct – Dec. Winter season (Nov. – March.) and summer season (April – May).